About Pistris

For more than a decade, Pistris, Inc. has positioned itself as the world leader in maritime domain services. We provide services specializing in all manner of maritime operations - including coastal and riverine warfare, law enforcement, waterborne special operations, maritime antiterrorism and rescue. It is truly a unique company that is unrivaled by any other around the world.

The multinational nature of our team allows us to confidently work in any physical or political environment. Our blending of a variety of specialist personnel –all of whom have experience at the planning and operational levels- into a cohesive team, provides Pistris, Inc. with the experience and perspective to address any program.



We firmly believe in taking a more analytical approach to our operations than our competitors, and can be counted on to remain sensitive to our clients' broader goals. We have extensive experience in working overseas - specifically within the developing world - and our spotless reputation allows us to operate in political environments that would not normally be accepting of other companies.

Many organizations believe that their experience on land qualifies them to offer maritime services, but the unique difficulties associated with maritime operations require very specific skills and comprehension that only Pistris possesses. Our complete grasp of littoral operations is crucial to the long-term effectiveness of our services